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OBLITERATIONS photo by Marc Gabor
Marc Gabor photo

Strip it down to the wires

First off, lets tear out some of pages from this black book of rock’n’roll and piece together the six degrees of separation between vocalist Sam James Velde, guitarist Stephen McBean, bassist Austin Barber and drummer Flo Schanze. A question still remains in this rat’s nest of punk and metal wires. Which one of these connections will cross and which of these bare cables will burst into Obliterations?


BAPTISTS - Ryan Walter Wagner photo
Ryan Walter Wagner photo

Lords of the north

Vancouver! Take notice and pay attention, because in local heavy music, lesson number one is Baptists.

“Our label owner, Greg, made me some crazy concoction before we played with Pentagram in San Francisco. I don't know what the hell he put in it, but I ended up smashing a bottle over my head onstage and then crushing some dude in the crowd. I think I got carried back to the van that night,” estimates the Baptists’ front man/vocalist Andrew Drury. That pretty much sums up the agitating menace that is Vancouver’s ‘cleanup hitter’ of heavy bands. If you haven’t already, you might want to take notice and get on board.


RED FANG - VENUE - tiina liimu photo

The Venue - October 8th 2014 

Vancouverites seem to have a fond liking for Portland and lately everything that has been popping out of its crispy, sweet, music filled city. Red Fang is no exception and people flocked to see them perform at The Venue on a Wednesday night.

We Hunt Buffalo started off the evening right with some awesome rocking tunes. This Vancouver based stoner rock threesome cover their riffs with enough fuzz to make your ears turn into peaches. No complaining here.


THE SONICS - RICKSHAW THEATRE - tiina liimu photo
THE SONICS - RICKSHAW THEATRE - tiina liimu photo

The Rickshaw Theatre - October 2, 2014

It can be a gamble when you go to see a band play and the youngest member was a full-grown man before you were born and it’s been 50 years since the first single was recorded.

Showing up to the packed Rickshaw, you could see the anticipation in the faces of silver-haired record nerds, young hipsters and aging punk rockers alike.


Just wanna see you dance

What are these sounds of Beat? Well, you might find yourself walkin’ down a lane, one foggy Vancouver night and suddenly your feet just start to shuffle to some nearby rhythm. It could just be you are passing by the Bad Beats rehearsal garage as they bite through songs like the snotty "She Don't Talk To Me” or the moody “It Breaks Me Down.”


The Living Deadbeats

Who killed the Living Deadbeats?

With a new EP releasing mid October at SBC and a track in an upcoming compilation, it seems like there is no end in sight. However, this is also their final show.

The Living Deadbeats have been together for six years. They have several tours including a six-week cross-country tour under their belt, one full-length record and a series of smaller recordings and compilations with an EP titled Brain Candy on the way. Their sound and live show defies categories, playing garage shows and punk shows alike to a loyal fan base. With all this, one might wonder why they’ve decided to throw in the towel. Why did Vancouver’s female fronted garage punk favourites, the Living Deadbeats, call it a day?


SUBCULTURE by wendythirteenEvery time you turn around online there's a new 27 or 32 ways blog article on reasons to hate either bands, venues or anyone associated in the game of music. What always amazes me in these articles is the lack of understanding on what it takes to be a cog in the wheel and the misinformation that exists between these necessary allies. These two entities need to coexist to make local live music a reality.

People that complain about a venue's booze prices fail to realize that the place has a shitload of fixed expenses.
You pay rent, they pay rent. They also pay for staff salaries, insurance, hydro, all levels of government taxes and licensing, or to fix damage to the premises caused by asshole patrons. How about that $10 roll of toilet paper or soap dispenser refill you snuck home in your bag. That barely scratches the surface.