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THE SONICS - RICKSHAW THEATRE - tiina liimu photo
THE SONICS - RICKSHAW THEATRE - tiina liimu photo

The Rickshaw Theatre - October 2, 2014

It can be a gamble when you go to see a band play and the youngest member was a full-grown man before you were born and it’s been 50 years since the first single was recorded.

Showing up to the packed Rickshaw, you could see the anticipation in the faces of silver-haired record nerds, young hipsters and aging punk rockers alike.

The Flintettes warmed the crowd with an endearing set of catchy power-pop and garage rock fronted by the Tranzmitors’ Mike Flint, backed by two lovely ladies.

Replacing the Evaporators, who had to cancel, was Vancouver’s Thee Manipulators. Looking sharp in matching outfits they had the crowd bustling with an uproarious set of hip-shaking rock ’n’ roll.

The night really started as the Sonics hit the stage, and busted into a 16-song set, including everyone’s favourite hits, plus a slew of new songs slated for an upcoming LP that sounded just as good. The multi-generational crowd was roaring and dancing up a storm for a solid hour. If you closed your eyes, you would almost think these were wild teenagers in 1964, including the crazed howls. (At that point, this reviewer created a drinking game where every time you hear an “aaaaaaaah!” you must take a swig. Needless to say, you’re hammered by the second song!)

By the end, after a five- or 10-minute pause, the packed Rickshaw was looking like it wouldn’t empty anytime soon. The band hopped back onstage breaking into more songs and audience went nuts with “Strychnine” and “The Witch.” The perfect end to a wonderful evening and that left me thinking, “Growing up ain’t that bad, if I can wail half as hard as these guys, when I’m that age!”