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RITUAL DICTATES - Photo by Shimona Henry

Shimona Henry photo

Brothers In Blood

As side projects usually go, the musicians involved with them tend to steer toward the goal of getting a well-needed break from their bandmates. So, it may seem odd that two members of 3 Inches Of Blood, Justin Hagberg and Ash Pearson, would team up together and start a side project of their own. The fact that they are in the same band together played a major role in this project coming to fold.


The Photo of Alex Angel now with FASHIONISM was taken by Laura Murray
Laura Murray photo

Your new Friday night

“FASHIONISM is basically the bubblegum glam of the early '70s played by people who like late '70s UK punk so much that it has poisoned everything we do in the best possible way,” said Robin Schroffel from the new band Fashionism.  Band members include Jeffrey McCloy (Tranzmitors, New Town Animals),  Josh Atomic (The Jolts), Alex Angel (Thee Manipulators, New Town Animals), and Robin Schroffel.

If you are new to the music scene here, the above paragraph just mentioned the top three of the finest Friday night local bands that Vancouverites have enjoyed over the past 10 years. There has been a sore lack of this danceable sound in the music scene here since the break-up years ago of thee Manipulators, the TVees, the Zip Guns, and Pretty Vanilla. And as a result, dancing gave way to moshing as music moved into the post punk sound and snore. Fashionism threatens to bring it all back to the music that will move your ass (unless it’s in a cast) with such style that will make even the dud of your group put on a clean shirt or a suit. No more post punk B.O. - it smells like a supergroup to the rescue.


in ‘n’ outlaws - Independent

Holy Christ! Vancouver metal veterans, the Golers, have unleashed something fierce with their fourth release. Chock-full of fourteen unforgiving face mashers that lash out with vigor,  in ‘n’ outlaws is full bore from the get go. If you are fans of their past work then this album is right up your alley. If you aren’t familiar, this is a good one to start getting into them. They remain the kings of Canadian crossover music.

This record comes at you with a mish-mash of metal genres thrown into an inbred stew cooked just right. Take the blackened metal of “Behind the Sun”, the explosive punk fury of “When Shit Goes Down”, the old school thrash of