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It’s never too late

Remember the 1980s? Nothing good happened in the 80s. Any era that makes John Travolta a star is a crappy one. However in the year of 1989 something good finally happened: a punk band named Down By Law was formed. After seven albums, five of them released on Epitaph Records, Down By Law went on a lengthy hiatus in 2003. “We'd been pushing and working it so hard for so many years, we just kind of took an unannounced break,” guitarist Sam Williams III said. “I had a couple kids, played in some other bands in different genres, and Dave had a couple more kids.” Dave Smalley, ex All and Dag Nasty frontman, has been the guitarist and vocalist for the band from the very beginning.


photo of Electric Frankenstein by Emmy Etie

stitch together rock n roll's children

By request, punk and rollers Electric Frankenstein are about to head west. “We are going because our fans from the area have been asking us to please get there this year ... finally we're able to make it” says Sal Canzonieri, aka Sal, the band's “mad scientist” and guitarist. With a following of rock n rollers, metal enthusiasts and hardcore punks, EF has successfully grafted an aggressive style and energy. “We are fans of those genres as well and we have elements of those styles embedded in our songs” says Sal, who got his first stitches in that explosive fusion. “High Energy Punk Rock N Roll is actually a mixture of heavy metal, hard rock and punk rock, which creates a super punk rock sound that is heavy, powerful... and melodic...” he explains. Vocalist, lead guitarist Steve Miller and drummer Mike “Hot Rod” Lincoln all carry a CV that crosses the spectrum of psychedelic rock, punk territory, garage roots and glam. To add to the mix, bass player Mike Mindless did time with The Skulls and has worked with The Dictators and Deadboys.

Is this “Punk Rock N Roll” on a comeback? “As old bands reform for reunion shows and new bands with people under thirty in them [they] are coming out from all over the country. What's pushing it, is the old fans now have kids that are in their twenties! Which means that they are coming to the shows as well, which is really cool. There is a whole new generation of rockers out there!” Seems that new bands have reignited this rock n roll torch. “Yeah, there's been a bunch, in NJ there are The Disconnects, who are great fun, doing Johnny Thunders/Degeneration kind of style. In Houston we played with Automatic Thrill, who were really powerful with great guitar work. Also, in Dallas there is the really cool band, The Swinging Dicks, who do Angry Samoans punkish rock! There are a lot more out there.” says Sal.

Not only is there a Best of Electric Frankenstein LP just out, but also new collaborations. Which proves there is more to this than a comeback trail. There is a split record of all new songs with The Hip Priests from the UK, (members of X-Rays). A split single with Toronto's volatile Maximum RNR. Plus a release of all non-LP tracks called Dead and Back. After the western North America dates and European tour, it's back to recording. So get your fix as they head to the coast and Alberta.

More Betty
photo by Emmy Etie

Electric Frankenstein play Vancouver at the Rickshaw Theatre August 4rth, 5th in Victoria at Upstairs Cabaret, 8th in Kelowna at Fernando's Pub, 9th in Camrose at Bailey Theatre, 10th in Edmonton at DV8 Tavern and August 11th in Calgary at Palominos


are Massachusetts bound

Baptists photo by tiina liimu

Just out! Huge news for Baptists! It's official, “we have a newish record deal with Southern Lord Records” says vocalist and frontman of Baptists, Andrew Drury. The band will be working with with Kurt Ballou, known for production and recording credits with: Burning Love, Torche, High on Fire, Black Cobra, KEN mode, Black Breath, Converge and Disfear.
“There isn't a single other label that we'd rather be working with. We're extremely honoured to know that they're backing us,” he says. The current line up features Andrew Drury on VOX, Danny Marshall on guitar plus Nick Yacyshyn on drums and Sean Hawryluk on bass.

It's fairly well known by fans that their early demo caught the attention of Southern Lord, enough to bring them onboard for a seven-inch release. After numerous thundering shows, some ink has been signed for a full-length recording. Drury talks about the status of the recording process. “We spent some time in the studio and recorded all the songs for the full length, but have never been completely satisfied with the final mix. I think we're being extra picky cause it's our first full-length and it's being released on such a prestigious label. That being said, we just found out that we'll be entering Kurt Ballou's GodCity Studios in Salem MA on October 1st. We're just gonna start from scratch and re-record all of the songs instead of attempting to remedy the situation with mixing. We're going to practice our unworthy asses off before step foot in that place,” Drury says.

When asked about the new release date, he says “seeing as that we're recording in October, I'm guessing early in the new year. Feels like forever!”

Baptists are a band that defy genre labelling and pigeonholing. There is a hardcore punk element, often found in the press filed under metal, but who cares, the live shows are an absolute loud, bullshit-free cathartic spill. They are doing a mini-tour with Erosion, playing August 9th in Kamloops, 10th in Calgary, 11th in St. Albert, 12th in Saskatoon and then back to Vancouver.

Baptists play the Rickshaw Theatre on August 31and Interurban Gallery October 13

by More Betty

SNFU: What No One Else Wanted to Say...

photo of Chris Walters and Chi Pig of SNFU by tiina liimu 2012

Open your eyes and read

Thirty years is a long lifetime for any band to endure, but the legendary Canadian punk band SNFU has beaten the odds. Through numerous line-up changes and hiatuses over the years, and while battling his own personal health, addiction and mental health issues, the sole remaining original member and charismatic vocalist Mr. Chi Pig has survived like a cockroach after a nuclear war. "I did it and I played 5000 shows and this is the best thing I've ever done in my life," said the frontman when asked about the group’s longevity.

With every legendary band should come written documentation and thanks to Vancouver Punk writer Chris Walter, SNFU can be added to the list of books he’s written and published through his own Go Fuck Yourself Press.


photo of the Melvins by tiina liimu

MELVINS LITE - The Venue - July 15th 2012

“Fuck Elvis! Buzzo's the King!” declares one dedicated fan interviewed before The Melvin's show.

King Buzzo denies being “King of Seattle”, but he did influence Seattle's music scene that exploded in the early 1990's. Many of us hate it when someone likes us too much. It must be hell to be a king or a rock god. Buzzo once gave a fan the finger. A young punk singer saw Osborne on a street in Calgary while talking with his dad over a pint. The punk yelled out, “Buzz!” Buzzo raised his finger, saluted and declared, “Fuck you!  It seems a stately reminder to a loyal punk rocker of his place in the realm.


photo of SPEEDWOLF by tiina liimu

Fortune Sound Club - July 12, 2012

With a furious “Yeaaaah” hollered by Speedwolf’s frontman the tone was set early. The rest of the band launched into an eponymous anthem that encouraged all to “speed with the wolf into the night.”  To the delight of the couple hundred present, the band raced further into a Motörhead worship, punk-backed territory with little respite until the final notes. The highlight was the absolute joy exuded by band members as they blazed through the set. Be it the smiles flashed on stage or the brief banter indicating genuine surprise at the crowd’s enthusiasm and numbers. The band seemed to have as much fun as those in attendance.  Though the influences drawn on are clear that doesn’t take away from the performance or music in the least. The energy that radiated from the stage was incredible. Colorado's Speedwolf was on the prowl and attacked at every opportunity.

Even if the headliner dominated the evening, the other acts should not be overlooked. Chapel had the role of main support and it was obvious that many were there to see them.  This long-running Vancouver band shredded through D-beat/Motörhead influenced metal that was, intense, blackened and well executed.

Engine Beast pounded out solid throwback '80s thrash metal that would have benefitted from a slightly shorter set while newcomer Angry showed promise as the band kicked off the night with a set of heavy, off-time metallic rock.

A solid night all around and with any luck, Speedwolf will be making a quick return to Vancouver; likely, by the crowd’s response, they will be overwhelmingly welcomed back.

By Stephen Fallis


photo of THREE INCHES OF BLOOD by tiina liimu

Vogue Theatre - July 20, 2012

There was head banging and the kids were alright on this metal night.

It was an early start at The Vogue, but there was one thing on the roster that was very different from the rest - motorcycle garage punks Vicious Cycles were already playing their style rock n roll and it's not even 7:30 p.m. In fact, the first two bands were very good and play as if the fans were hanging from the rafters. Yes, it looked like the room was really getting into the vibe.

Ancients then took the stage. These guys are impressive! Both guitarists sing very well and the musicianship all around is outstanding. The fun the band has together is communicated through the music and with that their fans are drawn closer to the stage. There are many great things to say about this band; but for now expect great things at Ancients' next show!

Ancients drummer is extremely talented and dances on his pedals like very few in the business. This band is tight. You want to see Ancients soon because they are going places!   Bison's drummer had the biggest bass drum and a personality to match. He was up on a microphone talking with the crowd more than once; a rare, relaxed move revealing how much fun he has with his band and with their signature monster groove.

Three Inches Of Blood started off with “Metal Woman” and rocked the almost-full house.  They are polished yet predictable. Including a poorly played keyboard and mentioning the passing of Deep Purple's Jon Lord ahead of their tribute song to Dio made this reviewer crave Metal Church's “Highway Star.”

- Jackie Thunders


SUBCULTURE by wendythirteen



on the road to shoot Brian Jonestown Massacre
photos and words by Bev Davies

photos and words by Bev Davies

"miles of no smoking"

July 5, 2012: I smoke, so the last cigarette put out at YVR took on an importance that was highlighted over the next what felt like days until arriving at Gatwick Airport. That vision took on an Holy Grail quality. At Gatwick I found the outside before I took the no smoking train to London. It seems no one smokes in London either, all I saw ware people texting and mapping or whatever on their iPhones. Ya not an ad here, they were all iPhones. I noticed that because my phone, with data roaming turned off, had turned into my watch on English time.

photo of D.O.A. by Bev Davies

"1981 D.O.A. Trafalgar Square"

July 6, 2012: 1981 was the last time I was in London and I was with D.O.A. on their 1st trip there. This time I was looking for similarities to then. I found Kings Road had managed to take any reference to the punk rock street it had been and replaced it with Baby Gap and all shopping chain stores. The Lyceum was turned from a rock and roll music place where Lemmy was always on the guest list to a high end restaurant. The pigeons were gone from Trafalgar Square, fines for feeding them did that I guess. This 1981 photo could not be taken in 2012.

photo of Brian Jonestown Massacre by Bev Davies

"Anton and Collin"

July 7 & 8, 2012: I went to London to see my friend Anton and his band The Brian Jonestown Massacre at Shepard’s Bush in London and the Ritz in Manchester. Anton and I were in touch by email and he provided me with a photo pass for both shows to take photos for the entire show. I do wish there had been better stage lights. The set were about 1 1/2 hours, an hour shorter than the 2 1/2 sets in Australia he broadcasted live on ustream. Nice to see Anton and the band, and meet tons of people I only knew by their online persona.

photo of Bev Davies by SABZZ

"photo of me taken by Sabzz in Piccadilly Circus"

July 11, 2012: I stayed in London in Bloomsbury, where the University of London and many smaller residences and universities are located. The area is quiet and unaffected by the hustle of the big city and yet it is south of 3 large train stations. By the end of my stay I had almost figured out how to get home on the first try from Underground station without the map. I really am not good at finding my way around London it seems, more practice is needed.

more photos: