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What’s going down in town

Heaviness for the Wall this summer...

East Van metal takes over the Vogue this summer. The St. Bastards Society featuring Three Inches Of Blood, Bison, Ancients, Vicious Cycles will slaughter the Vogue Friday July 20th.

For all the fans of Motorhead and such: Hells Headbangers recording artists from Denver, Speedwolf plays July 11 with Chapel and Engine Beast at Fortune Sound Club. $5 early bird tix available.


SUBCULTURE by wendythirteen




Hookers, Ancients, the Jolts, El Camaro at Funkys tiina liimu photo 2012

Funkys AKA Thrashers - June 2 2012

An unlikely match? Not at all. A perfect line-up with all bases covered for the entertainment pleasure of a full house. Kentucky gents, The Hookers close off the tour with Vancouver locals joining the ranks of this loud machine. A night that reached deep into the well of thrash, punk, metal and garage swagger only to spill out on a league of patrons soaked in sweat, beer and liquor. On the tail of the new seven-inch release Teenage Blood and recent 2011 album Horror Rises From The Tombs, a relentless set of old and new was unleashed. A clear show of hands in support of good times were raised high till the last amp was powered down.


Andre Williams and The Sadies - Night and Day

Night and Day - Outside Music

The godfather raps jail-time, cash and politics, in a way, only a man of his experience and particular lifestyle can.

Well into his seventies now, Andre Williams finds himself backed by a smooth ride with the “more than capable,” Toronto's Sadies.


photos by tiina liimu and Bubba Hamilton

dB readings and the graces

Three earsplitting female musicians are making predominant marks on the west coast radar. Mya Mayhem is an activist and the grindcore vocals of Violent Restitution and former lead on Life Against Death. Bina Masterbeater is an artist and the powerhouse on skins with sludge rockers Mendozza. Anju Singh, when not coordinating uncompromising noise events, she is the solid force on the kit, vocals and the other creative half behind the noise and drone of AHNA. The distinctive quality of these three women is the intersection of art, activism and the intensity of their extreme music/anti/music.

This overlap is clearly illustrated by the breadth of the involvement. Mya is very engaged as an activist working with Food Not Bombs promoting a vegan, cruelty free lifestyle and recently co-founded the Black Pawprint Collective which is an all vegan anarcha-feminist collective focusing heavily on animal rights and environmental protection through radical protest and the “issues that we are fighting are vivisection, the fur trade and the Enbridge, Kinder Morgan pipelines” explains Mya. Along with her bandmates they walk their talk as vegans and vegetarians. She plans to return to school in the fall to become a wildlife rehabilitator and “I work as much as I can with animals, helping abused or neglected dogs and cats through rescue and rehabilitation.” Bina is a practising mixed-media artist and describes it as “I work with real insects bones and natural elements.” The connection with music is that “I see art through tragedy much like doom and heavy music. There is beauty in tragedy for sure.” She is called Dissectinsect and can be found on Anju's work as a noise artist is well defined trait with all her projects. She is organizing and performing in the Vancouver Noise Fest July 20-22 and will be playing at the Victoria Noise Fest August 24th. Her solo project "varies between pedal noise and violin-drone” says Anju. On August 23 to 30th “I'm joining Chicago noise project, Winters in Osaka for their West Coast tour dates” she adds.

Summer schedules will be quite busy for these three. Bina is “still active with Mendozza” she says, but keep your ears to the ground because she is starting an all female doom band and working on a new project in Victoria. When asked about her role, “ya still drumming, a little back up yelling and writing riffs too” says Bina. However, Mendozza plans for vinyl in the fall. Mya's political grindcore band called Violent Restitution has just released their first self-titled LP. They have a cross Canada tour to Halifax in August. This band focuses on animal rights, eco-defense and social justice and “we are also totally dedicated to standing up against oppression and are working hard to create safer spaces within the Vancouver punk scene.” says Mya. Anju is describes her work with AHNA as “a project that challenges me a lot and that I put most of my energy into.” Apart from all the festivals this summer “we will work on releasing old recordings with AHNA from 2009 with Lana Leitch on vocals as “she's someone I admire a lot” says Anju. They are recording a LP on Choking Hazard which is coming out in the fall, also a split twelve inch with Bridgeburner coming out in August as well as a seven inch. Anju also plays drums in Dead Terror.

Violent Restitution will kick off the tour August 2  and August 4th for Open the Cages Tour Animal Rights Show 

Mendozza will be in Vancouver September 16 at Rickshaw Theatre with Jucifer and September 21 in Victoria at Logan's Pub with Ancients

AHNA with Bridgeburner in Squamish, Vancouver and Kamloops Aug 1, 2, and 3rd.

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Wakes up the west coast

Anarchopunks, Oi Polloi are still "rocking hard against the system" and will be in Vancouver for the first time. “We've always had a great time in Canada in the past but we've never made it to the west coast before, so when a friend offered to set up this tour we jumped at the chance” says Deek, founding member. He points out “as a DIY punk band it certainly isn't the lure of big bucks!” The band is the same line-up the last ten years with: Zodiac on guitar, Deek on vocals and Tongs on drums as on the SS Politician and Ar Ceòl, Ar Cànan, Ar-a-mach recordings. For this tour only Davoi from Jockney Rejects will be on bass. They will be touring their eye opener LP titled Dùisg! Which is Scottish Gaelic for “Wake Up!”


photo of Jesse LeBourdais by tiina liimu

One man and his guitar

It takes a brave man to quit his band and go at it alone, and for the sake of having an opening sentence that’d knock your socks off I wish I could say this is what Jesse LeBourdais had done. The frontman from local punk act Cambridge won’t lie for this writer’s sake though, “I kind of hit the wall with the band after our last record, just doing way too much, and not getting much satisfaction. This coincided with some of the other guys having new families, so it was a good time for a hiatus. I thought it would be better to focus on one thing, instead of doing two things half assed. I know the other guys want to play, so something might happen soon.” It has been over a year since Cambridge has last performed a show. Instead Jesse turned to his bluegrass and folk roots, but not turning his back completely on punk rock as his solo music still features the ethos buried amongst pianos, banjos and acoustic guitars.


photo of DISSENT by tiina liimu

behind the lies
by Jason Kolins

Vancouver's Dissent are known for their fast, aggressive and intense live shows and after seven years, they are back with a vengeance. Armed with thought provoking anti-establishment and self empowering lyrics they gained notoriety amongst the all-ages hardcore scene. Same holds true with an older seasoned crowd from the legendary Cobalt. After a decade long track record the group played their last show in Victoria in 2004. A talk with heavily tattooed vocalist Sean and founding member Mark-Gone-Mad they address the “why now” question of the upcoming reunion show. “A couple reasons actually” says Mark. “thanks to the magic of the internet” there was some renewed interest after a posting of their seven inch recording. Sean responded “but a big reason as well is that the social injustices in society that we have always written about and spoken out against are still here and in most cases worse than ever.” Mark backed it with “and the time just felt right for us to come back.” A 1994 start with a slew of demos, self releases and two seven inch recordings on Europe’s Bad Man Records got the bands music and message into the kids' hands worldwide. Dissent were a Cobalt staple and favourite of booker-operator Wendy13. Mark explains they really liked playing there because “at the Cobalt you’d get on a good bill with a mix of punk/metal bands with a rowdy crowd and it'd be a good time.” The guitarist adds “we played some really wild, packed shows there. One of the favourites was “the Cobalt anniversary show and a new years gig with the Dayglo Abortions.” Fitting and it only makes sense that the July reunion show will be presented by Wendy13 of NO BOLLOCKS. The band is excited to share the stage with Vancouver heavyweights: The Golers, Car 87 and Seconds Flat. By the way bass player Jeff 's new project is Seconds Flat. Sean adds “Bryce from Car 87 is an old friend and we really wanted to play with his band” Dissent has put to rest the rumours that they are back as a full time band, with only a few shows coming up get your moshing shoes on and get it while you can!


photo of ON LOCK at BURGER FEST 2011 by tiina liimu

Burgers, bands and beers

“BBB baby, all day, all night!” at the second annual Burger Fest. Apocalypse Sunrise promoter and chef Johnny Matter “has joined the cult” together with creator Scott Bart and Submerge Studios. “We are going to make this year's fest awesome, like last year, but better and if we are going to have BURGER in the title let's try and make the most ultimate burger!” says Bart and Matter. Expect tons of toppings, condiments with the Submerged Crew, Scotty Bartlett and Chase Canning manning the grill. Vegans get their own separate BBQ for veggie burgers. A burger-eating contest is planned with an actual trophy mounted on stone. The annual winners' names are engraved on it. Look for skateboard ramps, foosball, a pool table and a cheap ten dollar cover. Earplugs and aprons optional.

This year is “a whole lot of heavy bands you can't really type cast into one particular genre or another” says Matter. The local line up is: Life Against Death, Hole In My Head, Anion, Cathar, Wtchdr, On Lock, Aquanaut and Angry. Write Off is a new band featuring a couple guys from Burning Ghats with photographer Bubba Hamilton on vocals. Bearmace is playing their first show. Hoopsnake and Mashiter are driving in from Squamish and Breathe Knives from Calgary. The festival bands: Breathe Knives, Cathar, Anion and Wtchdr actually on this year's “Apocalypse Sunrise Canadian Comp” along with 14 other great Canadian bands.” Skinny writers profile the nonstop lineup below.

Jason Kolins -
Life Against Death: After overcoming an almost complete band overhaul, LAD is still ripping it up with their female-fronted, politically-charged mix of punk and thrash. 100% Crazy Joe endorsed! Angry: One of the newer bands blending a mix from math rock to metal to classic rock creating a chaos all their own. Breathe Knives: Grimy noise/metal/grind from Calgary. Screechy vocals, chuggy riffs, plus a great groove and drummer. Hoopsnake: Crusty Doom Metal from Squamish. Heavy as fuck. Done very well. You’re headbanging. Enough said.

Sloan Bones -
Hole In My Head: Noise and punk from the realm of the two piece. K-Rad on bass and vocals plus Al Mac on drums and vocals. They have a cassette called First Fuck on Sixth Ave Records. Cathar: Sludge-grind from East Van with a fury about them. Inserting movie samples into some of their songs, they do a number about Jack Bauer from the show 24. Wtchdr: These boys hit it hard and in spades so keep your nose to the grindcore, hear it and check their self-titled seven-song debut EP.

Denis Maile -
Anion: A monster four-piece that takes most aspects of hardcore, puts them in a giant pot and brings it to a boil. They are the spicy gumbo of the Vancouver hardcore scene with renown frontman and chef working the grill! On Lock: Hypnotic power-thrash coming from the dirty bowels of East Vancouver. It’s quite possible that the singer is the Yeti that scientists have been searching for all these years. Who knew the beast could shred like that?!? Aquanaut: Emerging from the briny deep of the Atlantic Ocean this is the band that will have travelled the furthest to be at Burger Fest. Doomy psych known for having ten-minute-long songs and demonic vocals. Not pirate shanties, but trident wielding anthems played while riding your seahorse. Mashiter: No online links? So cooler than the Internet? They are from Squamish, a hardcore scene that seems to pump out some seriously bad-ass bands. Just show up.

Burger Fest is Saturday July 14th

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