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Brains, speed and volume

“We like our doomy sludge yet are compelled to grind, grind, grind,” says vocalist, Mark Skwarok, on the topic of influences such as Eyehategod, Phobia, Insect Warfare and Noothgrush.

Disworship evolved from the ashes of Cathar with Freya Giles on drums and vocals, (Nun Un, Cathar), Greg Dinardo on guitar (Strain, Write Off), Scott Bartlett on guitar (Nun Un, Destroy All) and Kavan Cronin on bass (Memorial, Night Terrors, Brains). “We went through some member changes and our music began to change,” says Skwarok. With that, came a new name.


Look no further this January, here we have the anomaly of Paul MacKenzie! 

This front man has been chasing the road for a few generations. Be it a salute to Detroit Rock n Roll, revving up the engine for the Enigmas, or hitting the highways with The Real MacKenzies! This gent is back in the ring this January with the elusive Enigmas.  With their high energy, psychedelic garage rock, geared up in tight stripes ready to coax your shoes and the winter blues outta those cement blocks.  But that’s not all; the Real MacKenzies’ got some surprises up their kilts! Woops!

Illustrator Dan Harbord takes his skills to the page to get you tooned up for a series of stellar performances. Ready, set, GO!


Witch of the Waste

An Island In the Flood

There are many challenges facing a young band trying to break through Vancouver’s surging heavy music scene — a scene that is awash with many specific sub genres and pigeon hole traps. It is important for a band to stand out by having a distinct sound and unique identity, otherwise, how can a band fit into and yet separate themselves from this overflowing landscape?
That is not an easy thing to do without alienating the often fickle metal crowd that trudges out every weekend to witness what can be a one-dimensional four-band bill.



Branches Out

Artist, vocalist Ani Kyd’s newly wrought energy turns its attention to her new album Entangle. Out on Alternate Tentacles, a label known for heavier or more provocative material, this release broadens with a new set of roots and branches. On Entangle, Kyd collaborated with four different composers across six songs, giving each song a distinct sound and feel.


Spree Killers - Selftitled - Independent

If the Spree Killers were required to submit urine samples to test for performance enhancing drugs, not only would it come up positive, but traces of vinegar would also be found. In particular, vocalist Fanni Adams’ screeching diesel style defines the piss and vinegar attitude. An explosive and snotty over the top delivery like hers will either send people heading for the hills or cause seizures of reckless destruction. She rants and raves like a vile hawk at feeding time. Underneath it all is a thick pulse-driving punk rock drubbing of the senses provided by tasty guitar slides and three-chord raucousness. With song subjects that include such themes as necrophilia, inappropriate beer-spillage and not giving a rat’s ass.


Gigs and gossip 

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Goth rockers MODE MODERNE’s record release for their new album, 'Occult Delight,' is on FRIDAY, JANUARY 3RD at the Biltmore with Cosmetics. Eight-band line-up – you can’t go wrong!


SUBCULTURE by wendythirteen

As we enter another calendar year of giveths and taketh aways, I face one of my greatest challenges... Working in a bar sober... As you may have heard, I was recently hospitalized for a pickled liver and its manifestation of an absurdly huge buildup of fluid in my body... After some fluid shedding meds, I feel like I was a balloon that was popped finally... Sadly, this development in my overall health has caused my permanent breakup with Jagermeister... It was a long exclusive run... I'll miss you!