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BISON - Derek Carr photo

Old name becomes new again for seasoned headbanger

For most heavy bands, being dropped by a major metal label might be a detrimental situation, but, when Metal Blade Records chose to release them about a year ago, the band Bison b.c. took it all in stride. After seven years and a three-album output the two camps have gone their separate ways. “They got to run a business and we aren’t making any money for anybody. So we had to go. That’s it. No hard feelings,” guitarist/vocalist Dan And deadpans. And if this seems like a step backwards these guys will have nothing of it. “We know enough people who put out records,” And says. “We don’t need some big label down in the states or whatever.” The mighty Bison does not slow easily and rumbles on.


Grass City

Triumphant Glory Blues Rock 

Grass City is back! And back with a glorious reprisal. They have emerged once again with the release of their epic new album, Through Harvest There’s Hope.

“It’s a personal vendetta,” as vocalist/guitarist Kurtis Dernisky likes to put it. “The title is so fitting to what we just went through in the last four years. It was like harvesting our own baby. We just nurtured this shit and just love it, just like a child.”

It has been four years since we’ve heard a peep from this crew but after one listen to the new album it’s quite apparent that it was well worth the wait. Four years of soul searching, personal tragedies, and nose-to-the-grindstone writing sessions are most often the perfect ingredients to cook up a nerve chilling musical slab of legendary proportions. And that has been the underlying story of what Grass City has done.


Gigs, news and venues too!

On Saturday, Feb. 1 at the Railway Club are a few heavy hitters that you don’t wanna miss: Blacked Out, Cliffjumper, Legion Of Goons & Spree Killers. Probably the punkest show that is closest to the downtown core that night.


SUBCULTURE by wendythirteen

As yet again I rush to write this column I wonder if I’m repeating myself ... I figured I’d just scribble down a bunch of musings at work as I’m listening to extremely loud death metal... Hey, it actually ripped me away from twiddling with my phone for a couple of hours...

I had an interesting conversation with a cab driver the other night... As I was checking the NHL app on my phone for the hockey scores, he chimed in about how the world is changing people’s attention spans with technology...