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NIK TURNER'S HAWKWIND - VENUE - tiina liimu photo
NIK TURNER'S HAWKWIND - VENUE - tiina liimu photo

The Venue - September 26, 2014 

Space Ritualized:

Much to the chagrin of fellow original member, Dave Brock, there have been a few sects of Hawkwind. One of which is Nik Turner’s Hawkwind, not to be confused with "the" Hawkwind (which is fronted by Brock), who played to an eager audience of gamblers. A risktaking crowd, not sure what to expect.

Hawkwind’s backing band starting off the evening aka Oakland California’s, Hedersleben, who were no slouches in the psyche, ambient, space rock realm. When Nik joined these three guys and two girls, magic filled the Venue. Hit after hit from the early Hawkwind albums were assailed onto the startled audience. From classics like “Brain Storm,” to “Time That We Left The World Today,” which sounded bang on, considering Mr. Turner is a 74-year man.


ART BERGMANN - Commodore Ballroom - tiina liimu photo
ART BERGMANN - Commodore Ballroom - tiina liimu photo

Commodore Ballroom - September 6, 2014 

After a lengthy “retirement” Canada's punk rock poet laureate Art Bergmann seems to have reclaimed his muse. Driven by his own anger, passion, exile, and bitterness, Bergmann is packing enough vitriol and vengeance to lay waste to pretty much any current artist who dare cross his path. On the heels of a killer batch of new tunes featured on his 2014 EP release Songs for the Underclass, his recent Commodore Ballroom performance found Bergmann fronting a crack band featuring guitarists Steven Drake & Alex Varty, bassist Kevin Lucks, drummer Jon Card and - for my money the evening's secret weapon – Paul Rigby on “Sleepy Pete Kleinow” steel guitar and occasional mandolin.


CROWBAR - Zack Smith Photo
Zack Smith photo

NOLA brothers fight the good fight

Make no mistake; Crowbar is Kirk Windstein’s band. As vocalist, guitarist and chief songwriter, it is his baby, vision, and his mission. Windstein recently made the bold leap from the commercially successful band Down to concentrate on Crowbar and allow it consume his life once again. With a history that dates back to the eighties, Crowbar hits the road with what might be his favourite line-up yet. “All the members are in sync,” confirms Windstein.



Kings of punk ride again

"Mötley Crüe wrote books about abusing women and shit, we could just write a book about abusing each other," says Jerry A. of Poison Idea, their long-standing front man. He sheds some light on the infamous Portland, Oregon hardcore punk band, their sordid history and lineup changes. Still active and significant since the band’s 1983 inception, the singer has a lot to say.


Live to die

With a near riot at the 1984 Shindig contest and apparently a beer can to the MC’s head, the notorious Death Sentence garners a second-place spot. This reckoning force of Vancouver’s hardcore and second wave punk is now a name synonymous with early Canadian punks D.O.A. and the Subhumans. Keep in mind that Death Sentence was bottled fed in the cradle of a Burnaby haunted house and that upbringing that would come to foreshadow their tumultuous ride. This band would emerge swinging with the ferocity and danger of what a live show should be. “Their tour shenanigans would make Mötley Crüe blush,” says drummer Doug Donut.

The trail of their recording history includes the 1984 demo with two tracks on the celebrated Undergrowth compilation, collaboration with Collector's RPM Undergrowth label led to the 1985 EP Not a Pretty Sight. After touring and sold out local dates, they recorded the 1987 full length Stop Killing Me! for Fringe Records. A 1989 metallic and rock tinged demo titled "Girls, Guns & Guitars" was recorded but never released.