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in ‘n’ outlaws - Independent

Holy Christ! Vancouver metal veterans, the Golers, have unleashed something fierce with their fourth release. Chock-full of fourteen unforgiving face mashers that lash out with vigor,  in ‘n’ outlaws is full bore from the get go. If you are fans of their past work then this album is right up your alley. If you aren’t familiar, this is a good one to start getting into them. They remain the kings of Canadian crossover music.

This record comes at you with a mish-mash of metal genres thrown into an inbred stew cooked just right. Take the blackened metal of “Behind the Sun”, the explosive punk fury of “When Shit Goes Down”, the old school thrash of
“Inbred Militia”, or the crazy out there guitar of “Scratch” and top it off with a crust spitting vocal barrage that twist lyrics into the humorous and obscene. This album has it all for anybody with the bond for music of an extreme nature. Over fifteen years at it with almost no lineup changes, these boys are at their peak and it shows. This is their best album yet and it is quite apparent that the Golers family are tighter than ever.

- Heath Fenton