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Gigs and gossip 

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Goth rockers MODE MODERNE’s record release for their new album, 'Occult Delight,' is on FRIDAY, JANUARY 3RD at the Biltmore with Cosmetics. Eight-band line-up – you can’t go wrong!

FRIDAY JANUARY 3RD at the Astoria has Charm, Needs, CRYSTAL SWELLS, THE BINZ, Previous Tenants, The Flintettes, DAGRS, and What's Hot! Punk meets sleazy rock on.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 4TH at LanaLous in the form of LEGION OF GOONS, Strugglers, Wett Stilettos.

TWO-NIGHT EVENT ALERT at the Astoria with 20+ Bands!! FRIDAY 10TH: THREE WOLF MOON, V Vecker Ensemble, Hopelus, Karen Foster, Pink/Brown, What's Wrong Tohei, Percheron, Blacked Out, Tiger Prawn, Timmy P.

SATURDAY 11th, WITCHDR, Outside Dog, Brass, Astrakhan, The Highway Kind, REAL PROBLEMS, Waingro, Redrick Sultan, Lightbulb Vaporizer, Porn For The Blind

Post punk garage revival band that took over Vancouver 1982-86, THE ENIGMAS play SATURDAY JANUARY 11TH at Wise Hall with guests. The return of ‘90s Surrey speed thrasher legends, WE DON’T CARE on SATURDAY, JANUARY 11TH at Funky’s with guests.

One of the pioneers of hip hop, DJing and so much more, GRANDMASTER FLASH will be at Fortune on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 15th. Psycho-trash-blues-punk solo rocker, BLOODSHOT BILL plays on THURSDAY, JANUARY 16TH at The Cobalt with Sexy Decoy and DJ Thee Swingin' Creeper!

A not to be missed hardcore, punk music and art event: SUBCULTURE XIV will be on FRIDAY, JANUARY 17TH at Funky's with bands: Brass, Torched Lung, Coathangers, and Chug.

From San Francisco, this legendary space rock/psychedelic rock band, WOODEN SJHIPS will psych - psych you out - on SATURDAY, JANUARY 18 at the Electric Owl. Spoon River, Hallow Moon, Knights of the Turntable will play their part in making this a very psychedelic evening.

Relapse Recording artists TOXIC HOLOCAUST will be thrashing down the Biltmore’s walls on THURSDAY, JANUARY 23 with Ramming Speed, Mammoth Grinder, and Ogroem.

On FRIDAY, JANUARY 24TH at the Astoria these 10 bands playing could get you laid: JEN HUANGS, BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN, SEXY DECOY, KILL MATILDA, THE REPOSSESSORS, AK 747'S, EAST VAN PLAYBOYS, DUSTY BONES, BROKEN HANDS, DAGRZ . If you get laid, you owe them a beer.

Vancouver-based rock juggernaut forging crushing heavy metal ANCIIENTS play FRIDAY, JANUARY 24TH at the Rickshaw with La Chinga, War Baby, Grass City, M16.

Revved-up East Van anthem-makers THE LIQUOR KINGS will be playing on SATURDAY, JANUARY 25TH at Lanalous with their buds Full Leather Jacket, Injectors.

Soon to take over Vancouver’s surging metal scene, WITCH OF THE WASTE headlines the Astoria on SATURDAY JANUARY 25TH with WTCHDR, Night Terrors, As The King, and Destroy All. 

Credited for creating American ska 33 years ago in NYC, THE TOASTERS will skank up a storm on WED JANUARY 29TH at FanClub with Los Furios and The Bone Daddies.

Booze-fueled Garden City hardcore at Funky’s on SATURDAY, FEB 1ST. ALCOHOLIC WHITE TRASH, Capital Stalkers, Hide Ultra Bide will be playing and slaying, just saying.

News on our local favourite band, the LIVING DEADBEATS: Their van is a goner. Hopefully someone gives them one. For free. They will be recording their next album in January again with the talented Adam Payne at his studio, House of Payne.

The Living Deadbeats