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Terrible Feelings photo by Sean Law
Terrible Feeling - Sean Law photos

The Zoo Zhop - Monday November 19, 2012

A power pop fiesta inside the Zoo Zhop was a complete contrast to the chilly Monday evening down on Main Street. Three local favourites and Malmo, Sweden's Terrible Feelings heated up the record shop!
Many happy and excited faces were present. A small crowd gathered as local lovelies Vapid played a set of groovy bangers on the small stage. Their drummer now plays second guitar, with Bryce Dunn from Tranzmitors on drums temporarily. The songs are now longer and more involved integrating some guitar solos. A new twist, which is great! They are recording as we speak.

The spastic actions of locals The B- Lines are up next. These four guys are like a gang of school kids who would steal your lunch. The raging, short tight tunes hit you hard and drive you berzerk! More vinyl soon, we hope?

Next up some local rockers, The Tranzmitors came on with a furious blast of ‘70s power pop punk along the lines of: 999, Eddie and the Hot Rods and the Jam. Truly a fun group with many bopping tunes - you only wish they could play longer! They have a new single out now, out on La Ti Da Records.

The final combo for this night was an import from Sweden called Terrible Feelings, with an anthemic power pop sound that is quite contemporary and unmistakable. Shades of ‘80s Euro and Aussie bands are present. Manuela Ivansson has a powerful voice, which drives these numbers home! They have a few singles and an album called Shadows, which is available from Deranged Records. Check them out!

By Rene Milord

Terrible Feelings photo by Sean Law