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REAL PROBLEMS  - Curious Feast - Cam Strudwick ArtworkCurious Feast - Not Your Buddy Records

So Real Problems recorded a scrappy new album and it's everything that makes these guys good fun, from froth mouthed rage at society's bullshit alongside equal parts humor, irritability and a piss poor attitude.

“The Thing on the Fourble Board” rips open this package of punk and though it isn't as haunting as the old radio thriller with the same name, it will punch you in the face and that's kind of scary I suppose.
“Dumpster Diving For Your Love” is a quick dirty “romantic” kicker that inspired me to pick a fistful of wildflowers for my special lady. Hopefully she doesn't have hay fever.

There is something about Real Problems recordings that brings to mind watching them tear it live at Funkys whilst soaking in a puddle of vomit, sweat and beer. It's like they just plugged in to your already overloaded living room wall socket and started playing until the cops got mad.

Who needs speedy drugs and fast women to get us through the week? Well sure, some of you do but that's your headache to deal with. All this writer needs is some good 'ol silly punk rock and maybe a beer or two.

- Nathan Pike