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photo by Ira Hunter

Musical matchmaking: Is Ange the one for Piggy?

Finding a lead singer that fits your local band sometimes is like trying to find a boyfriend or girlfriend in Vancouver: it sucks. The Craigslist Musicians section is the equivalent of Plenty of Fish and both can be a waste of time. You are better off having a friend set you up. That’s what happened for Piggy, formed in late 2010 by Ron Reyes (Red Kross, Black Flag) on guitar and Craig McKimm (Econoline Crush, Little Guitar Army) on drums, and Lisafurr Lloyd (Little Guitar Army, JP5, East Vamps) on bass. They were three lead singers deep into it by 2014 and the position – like some people’s love life – seemed like a revolving door until one of Piggy’s former lead singers mentioned Ange (Lesbian Fist Magnet) as a possible match for Piggy. This is just a good reason to stay friends with all your exes.

“I owe Pat Kreep two beers for finding her. Some of the others were good but Ange had ‘it’ and ‘it’ is hard to come by,” Ron Reyes gushes of his new lead singer. “Ange comes prepared. She writes on the spot and does her homework. Ange never gets tired and is willing to hit songs hard and frequent. I love that. She is tireless, relentless, always prepared and willing to stretch. Her background is on the ‘hardcore’ side, however, she responds brilliantly to the dynamics of our music. People will be surprised by her range and diversity.”

Here’s Ange’s side: “My buddy Pat Rae told me Piggy was looking for a singer. I didn’t think I could do it; I didn’t think I was good enough. LFM [Lesbian Fist Magnet] was so different from what Piggy was doing that I didn’t think I was going to be a good fit. But I was desperate to start playing music again as it has been almost three years since I played with LFM [formed in 2007] and I thought, ‘Fuck it, let’s give it a try.’”

Is this union meant to be? Let’s see what they both say about Piggy’s present and future goals…
Ron: “Write, play, record, repeat. Oh and keep as far away from Theremins as possible.”
Ange: “Piggy is here to blow you a new ear hole. It’s powerful, it’s epic and it’s fun. I’m here to be an influence to girls who don’t think that they can do it.”

Catch Piggy on Friday, July 4th at the Astoria for La Chinga’s tour kickoff, Khatsahlano Street Party on Saturday, July 12, and opening for the Strugglers (DVD Release) on Friday, July 25 at the Wise Hall.

Tanya Van