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Neck of the Woods

No Bush League Here

Call it a Craigslist miracle! It’s not as if Vancouver metal band Neck Of The Woods came together easy, but it came together nicely. Searching for prospective band members via the musicians-wanted classifieds is always a daunting task for any band. Drunks, addicts, flakes, ex-cons, too-good-for-this, and useless-at-that can make it a torturous process. Managing to avoid all that – Neck of the Woods arrived on the local metal scene in 2012.

Neck Of The Wood’s guitarist Dave Carr has been in various projects over the years. The frustration of short-lived bands had set in so he proceeded to find players for something new. Ads were placed and many answered.

“Two drummers, two vocalists, three guitarists, two bassists were tried out,” Carr says. “I was able to find Jeff Brown, our drummer, guitarist Travis Hein and bassist Cam King that way. Our singer Jeff Radomsky heard we were looking for a vocalist through some mutual friends and we gave him a shot.” Carr was able to find an array of veteran musicians with the exception of Radomsky.

“It’s all about the riffs,” Carr explains. “Riffs that sound awesome, fun to play, and riffs that make you want to rock out. We like to keep our metal dynamic, too. If you’re heavy all the time, it’s hard to make your heavy riffs heavier. We love bands like Between the Buried and Me and Opeth, bands that aren’t afraid to use their amps’ clean channels.”

With summer gigs booked solid both locally and throughout Western Canada, 2014 is gearing up to be a big year for the band, with the highlight being Calgary Metalfest in early June.

“We are a high energy live band. It’s what all of us love to do the most. Cranked amps and our singer just goes off – he loses his shit every time.”

Neck Of The Woods is cauterizing guitar leads, gold polished solos, and gravel-spitting vocals with an Aztec Warrior rhythm attack. Is there GPS for shredding intricate metal music? Do you need a direction? Just head to the woods where it is deep and dark. You’ll find the way.

Neck Of The Woods play April 14th @ The Electric Owl – with King Parrot, Vattnet Viskar, Nylithia.

-Heath Fenton