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SUBCULTURE by wendythirteen
Ha ha ha, Chi Pig was part of a hilarious situation last night at the SNFU show as he came up and hid behind me saying that a rabid female fan was harassing him... So I was standing there protecting him and she spots him poking his head out from behind me... She moseys on over and tries to engage him again while he's telling her to leave him alone and I'm also then telling her to shoo... Then she says, “I'm going to keep bugging you until you remember me Justin!” Chi and I were just gutting ourselves laughing about that all night and for the rest of the gig I addressed Chi by his new nickname 'Juschinn'! Comedy gold! They say everyone in the world has a doppelganger... Oddly enough; Chi Pig has one named Justin somewhere out there...

CHI PIG and friend - Cat Ashbee photo
CHI and friend - Cat Ashbee photo
Also in the comedy gold section of the 21st century are Internet arguments... Especially on Facebook when the person you are debating deletes their comments and you are left looking like an idiot with out of context responses... The key to this is screenshots! Then you have proof of the offending text, should the subject raise its ugly head again... As a venue guardian of drunk people I get my fair share of vitriolic Facebook 'messages' that are usually posted on my timeline. Anything goes in that category... Like it's my fault that you were so shittered that you were either denied entry by the doormen or successfully snuck your bathroom guzzled mickey in and now are so plastered that you get asked to leave the show before it's over...

It must be a cash cow to have an exempt venue that caters to all genres... Just trying to secure a date for an upcoming midsize tour has been hectic... It's not even occurring until January and even then you're fourth in line to reserve a date... Wow! To be able to pick and choose how to pack your bar with the most popular music status quo! It's a lot like being an independent candidate running for politics against the generic well-funded party affiliated reps that will get the vote of the mass media believers... I guess you could draw instant to parallels to popular music ... plus goofy fashion and activity trends.

I really like a lot of different types of music but I must be really pigeonholed when it comes to what my idea of punk and metal are... When I put a call out for bands to fill slots for Funkys, I ask for punk and metal... I seem to always get flooded with rock and pop bands that insist they are punk or metal bands...

Anyone that has ever been to Funkys knows that it is an extreme music niche venue... That's what has been my trademark after 13 years is to always have the heaviest bands playing that I can muster up... Sure sometimes I get lied to and end up with a band playing that doesn't fit the criteria but that's few and far between... My fault though... Improper follow-through to listen to mp3s when there are holes in my calendar that need filling before poster deadlines... I'm not exactly a computer nerd and my iTunes is just hooped these days... I'm also an older Windows operating system victim with an inferior speakered laptop...

I'm totally stoked to have that niche community atmosphere for Funkys though... It sure makes coming to work fun knowing you get to see bands and people you like... I don't think I'd like my job as much as I do if I had to suffer through a rave in my workplace!


- wendythirteen