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A Rock Band Called Time - photo by tiina liimu

clocks in, ten more songs!

by More Betty

The eternal spirit of RNR finds its gravity in a Rock Band Called Time (RBCT). The origins of this East Vancouver trio can be traced back a few years, but the time is right for their self-titled LP. Guitarist and vocalist Braden DeCorby along with bassist Phil Misquitta both play in a very different sludge-doom band called Haggatha. “It's really slow heavy grim music with very little rock and roll influence. ‘Killyourmothermusic’ some would say. Just ‘cos we play that stuff, doesn't mean that’s all we listen too,” explains Misquitta, “Truth be ‘telt,’ we all MAINLY listen to old hard rock records.”

So to step back to 2009-ish and a broken ankle had DeCorby trading in his kick for a guitar and he wound up writing what could be described as “straight down the line” rock songs. Once healed, a few drum tracks made it to tape. Misquitta infers that an earlier incarnation with DeCorby had 20 songs written and sat in the basement on Fraser Street. “One day, a few years later he just pulled out these ADAT tapes and we started listening to them. They all had these amazing riffs and classic structures and I was sold right away,” he explains. Material that recalls Thin Lizzy, MC5 and early KISS. “I told him if he ever wanted to jam these songs, I would be down to play bass,” says Misquitta. At the time DeCorby was working with drummer Stew Johnson (GRASS CITY, BRONZE). “Stew is pretty much the most rock and roll guy in the city, so it made sense. We started jamming and pretty soon we were [the] rocking-est band in all of Little India,” he exclaims. To go from playing provocative punk-metal to music that gets folks dancing and singing can be described as “flattering!”

A Rock Band Called Time - photo by tiina liimuHearing a Rock Band Called Time, the Thin Lizzy connection is so clear and incidentally another ensemble that started out as a trio before adding their two-guitar sound. “Everything about them was awesome. They had the best riffs, best drums and the best pronunciation of the word ‘out’ (oh-we-at). They wore women’s blouses but were super tough at the same time. All the vital rock and roll requirements,” says the bassist. RBCT considered adding a fourth member. “We always said that the only other guitar player we would ever add is Davy Blaze from Hoopsnake on account of him being one of the most ‘badassed’ rock and roll bastards we have ever known. He lives in Squamish though, so for the time being all you get is a power trio.” Another local, Pride Tiger, comes to mind immediately. “We actually played our first ever show with Pride Tiger, which ended up being their last ever show. I guess they passed on the Thin Lizzy rip-off torch to us,” he says.

In Vancouver, the name Jesse Gander is synonymous with recording and an obvious choice for this group with their collaborative history and a style that goes “above and beyond.” In 2012 they went to the Hive to record with Gander with plans for a four-song tape. “The songs went down a treat; even being played on 99.3 The Fox's indie show. The song ‘Manitoba’ in particular seems to be somewhat of a hit with the punters,” he says. “A friend of ours, let’s just call him ‘Big Fancy,’ persuaded us to go back into the studio and record enough songs for a full-length LP. His method of persuasion was to pay for it all,” he adds. Before recording they rehearsed with a vigorous work ethic, jamming for months, preparing right down to the last note. This allowed them the freedom to work and record right off the floor. “We find that we get a more honest and real result that way and that is important to us," says the bassist.

The task of an independent release can be a challenge to coordinate and finance. That said, their LP is available at Antisocial Skateboards, Audiopile, Neptoon Records or directly through them and be sure to catch them live so you can experience both the new songs and the old un-recorded ones too! “With the spirit of ROCK on our side.” Be assured, the torch will burn!

Look out for a show in December with Jiffy Marker and Proteens. Don’t be so ANTISOCIAL, come on out!