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THREE WOLF MOON tiina liimu photo

set the controls for the heart of the fun

by Heath Fenton

So let’s get this straight. The bulk of new bands that form have members that have come from other bands that have broken up or had someone leave. There are rare exceptions when a band may start from scratch. For instance, when a few friends in high school decide to form a band, but other than that, most bands are comprised by seasoned, experienced musicians. So with that theory, the majority of bands could be affiliated with the term “super group.” However, in the music world those two words do have a dirty feel. And I am guessing it’s because they are used more for media hype for bigger acts. So let’s just call Three Wolf Moon a conglomeration of members from some awesome bands comprised from local heroes such as We Are Machines, Black Wizard, Hugenelk and The Best Revenge. If you are familiar with any of those bands, you might think Three Wolf Moon straddles that line between barnstorming and Oh Henry heavy. It would be a safe assumption, but nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality they are the complete opposite

THREE WOLF MOON tiina liimu photo
Three Wolf Moon would be the perfect sound track to a backyard BBQ featuring some laid-back bocce ball and badminton tournaments. They come across with some sandal-wearing psychedelic jammy looseness that doesn't come across like any of their other hard rocking projects. Members of Three Wolf Moon are like most musicians of any genre; their musical palette spans many genres and playing this type of music came with ease for the boys. "I think with this band, because we all play in edgier bands, this is almost like an escape from that. It's really refreshing not to have to play like that all the time." guitarist/singer Adam Grant explains. "It's a '70s style with a modern twist to it."

Coming together at Bullys rehearsal studio in New West about a year and a half ago, Three Wolf Moon also consists of Adam's brother Max Grant on drums, John Sayer also on drums (yes! a two-drummer band!), Evan Joel on bass, and Tyler Maynard on keys. They are just starting to gather speed one show at a time and turning many nodding heads during the process. If people aren't familiar with Bullys, it is a famed New West rehearsal studio that is sort of musical bawdyhouse for local band sluts in the burbs of Vancouver. It provides a natural "buddies basement" type feel with many friends from like-minded bands coming through each day. And it was from this cool brotherhood atmosphere that Three Wolf Moon was born. "We all jam here and it's like family, we all know each other and play with each other's bands," says Joel. It was also the place they recorded their upcoming self-titled debut album that will be out in late August or early September. Will the members then find some time to tour in support? According to Adam they are looking at late summer dates. "We’re working out an August tour and just do an Edmonton, Calgary type thing. This started as a side project but I don't consider it a side project anymore. It would be nice to get it on the road as much as possible.

THREE WOLF MOON tiina liimu photo

Three Wolf Moon is simple easy listening with some wacked-out keyboards much like the bands Lucero, Dessert Sessions or Clearlight with excellent grooves and a friendly '70s beached-out hippie approach. So pack your hacky sack in your fanny pack, grab a cooler of beers and come chill sometime with Three Wolf Moon.

Check in for upcoming tour dates and catch a taste of upcoming releases at their Bandcamp