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VAPID photo by tiina liimu

blasting the rocking dance floor

An amalgamation of five kindred spirits ready to smash up any dance floor with the unrelenting promise of garage punk — pop punk fun! Arriving in the local underground of fun city in late 2006 quickly spreading their bouncing blast of both chaos and harmony onto the public.

Twelve songs were recently recorded at Black Rectangle and Afterlife Studios in Vancouver. Ten of these will appear on Lake of Tears, their second LP expected out this summer. "We've evolved both musically and lyrically over the last few years. Hopefully the new record reflects that. We've sought out inspiration in rock and pulled away a little from the simplicity of straight-up punk," says guitarist Stephen Moore. It will be both colour and black vinyl. "The new album is going to be a split release by Nominal Records and Deranged Records,” explains Moore and a 7-inch is also coming. Plus a video for an older song and band favourite “1983,” is also in the works.

VAPID photo by tiina liimu
Vapid is, the two sisters, Katie Doyle on vocals and Caroline Doyle on bass. Moore aka No More is on guitars adding Benjamin Phillips, their former drummer and Bryce Dunn of The Tranzmitors has stepped up to the kit. Moore and Phillips knew each other from high school and the sisters came from the fair city of New Westminster.  Meeting up with other buddies such as Twin Crystals, The Nons, Modern Creatures, Channels 3x4, which Katie was their first singer.  A small scene was quickly established in the DTES, Vancouver. It was like a breath of fresh air for whomever showed an interest! By early 2007, Vapid played their first show and released a brilliant single with Twin Crystals a year later. “Do The Earthquake” and “Victim + Whore” was recorded at Fader studios. "Nominal was founded to release our Do the Earthquake EP," says Moore and adds, "they approached us." In 2009 there were two tracks on the amazing Emergency Room compilation, an LP that was produced at the wild and short-lived underground space. It could also be said it was a modern Vancouver Complication!

May 2010 saw the release of their first album Practically Dead on Nominal, which was a throbbing dose of pop punk! Right after that they went on a two-year hiatus; though now have returned with an exciting rebirth for this friendly bunch of rocking kids!

Vapid will play the Nominal showcase event at the Astoria on June 15 along with Defektors, B-Lines, Love Cuts and Womankind.

Rene Milord