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photo: detail from album artwork

April 19 - Rickshaw Theatre

With a billowing smoke machine working overtime, a retro styled RNR evening is on hand at the Rickshaw Theatre.

The hall is filling up for the arrival of La Chinga! Carl Spackler on throbbing bass, a booming Jason Solyom is at the kit and Ben Yardley is set to stun on guitar and theremin. These three gents proceed to lay waste to the seventies rock gods with definitely some funk thrown into the mix.
 Some old Zep is present in these earthshaking tunes - and it drives the crowd bonkers!  Rifftastic and raging these boys are a new force in Vancouver.  They have a self-released, self-titled vinyl and CD out now and killer t-shirts.

There is a strong early seventies feel is apparent with the five-piece Three Wolf Moon. The soaring vocals of Adam Grant recall Quicksilver while the swirling keyboards are like a Pink Floyd update.  With a bit of folk in there as well they brew up a heady storm of psych-ish sound. Check them out!

No Sinner is a treat!  They have a strong blues - rock feel and the intense vocals of Colleen Rennison hints of Detroit Cobras and Jefferson Airplane. Eric Campbell on the guitar just rips it up with some savage riffs! They have a seven track EP Boo Hoo which out now.

Harma White opened the night rocking their boogie and more of that is showcased on their CD. Look for it at their merch table.

Rock and Roll is back on the west coast!

-Rene Milord