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Punk’s not dead…

By Jason Kolins and More Betty

All Out Panic is chaos and vitriol Vancouver  punk, driven by a lashing rhythm section. “It's not entirely cookie cutter and it's rippin' fast!” exclaims vocalist, Fishwater.

An affinity for UK 82 punk, launched by jamming Chaos UK, Discharge, the Exploited and UK Subs. Late 2012, Brady’s Problem guitarist Aaronoid and drummer Vagina Enthusiast united forces with Bone on bass and Fishwater. The strength of their demo prompted Spear to ask to join on second guitar. “I had never met him before, the guys vouched for him and I think he learned all the songs in like two jams. Needless to say he was in!” the front man exclaims.

Original songs were written quickly and Adam Payne recorded the debut seven-song demo titled Pig out of his DIY studio, House Of Payne. “We wrote that within four months of forming,” explains the vocalist and “I was skeptical of going in and recording so soon, but I'm really happy with the result.” In the studio, mixed within a week and released through the drummer’s No Just Cause Records. “We made screened CDs with a slipcase cover and lyrics (not CDRs),” explains Aaronoid and a demo uploaded to Bandcamp. “The majority of people have access to the internet and not a cassette player,” he says. More recording is up for the summer with a 7-inch vinyl release.


ALL OUT PANIC“Traitor” by SKEPTIX appears on the demo. “I felt it encapsulated the kind of the sound we were going for overall and not some generic copycat garbage,” says the vocalist. “Spear, his guitar work is somewhat of an amalgamation of hardcore and NWOBHM styles. My guitar style is more punk rock and Spear has more hardcore. I think they're more metallic than mine which are mostly derived from the blues pentatonic scale and The D-beats come from V.E!” explains Aaronoid. Over the years Spear has played with Decadence, Tumult, Burden, Dissent and Betrayed. Fishwater is with ATF and V.E. plays with crust punks Infect Propaganda and goat metal, Necroholocaust. Emphatically hollering across the crowd, Bone has been on bass for just under a year and is confident working with this level of players certainly raises the bar and “you can quote that!” he shouts. It’s agreed that Sean’s playing brings a “new element” V.E. has a great vision as well for riff structure and song compilation,” says Fishwater and “Bone writes a lot along the lines of old school Oi! Aaron's riffs are always punk as fuck”

Loaded with local vets, a frontman in his twenties and asked if age has any bearing? “We all get along well, and punk seems like one generation in itself,” answers Aaronoid. Punk’s not dead, just angrier! “Age is just a number. Although I'm sure part of the reason these old bastards keep me around is for organ donation!” laughs Fishwater. “Keep checking your local listings and most importantly, keep going to shows! Stay punk!”

AOP plays The Cambie in Nanaimo May 31, Logans in Victoria June 1st, August 17th in Kamloops and more coming!