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nice guys finish worst

by Heath Fenton

 Some say that most heavy metal artists must have a split personality. Otherwise how can they be so evil and violent onstage but yet most are actually down-to-earth friendly people. A perfect example of this is Andrew Drury. Most notably Drury is the lead vocalist for local noise metal merchants Baptists. And if you’ve seen him perform live before you know that when he is onstage there is no audience member, venue equipment or full drink that is not in immediate danger. Known for violent ramblings and sudden outbursts, Drury is actually probably more of a threat to his own well being. But if you talk to the chap offstage, he is really soft-spoken and humble; a complete 360 from what you see up there. “I definitely don't consciously try to go crazy onstage or anything,” Drury speaks of his antics. “Heavy music has always just amped me up. It makes me want to circle pit and punch holes through things.” Sounds like a bunch of fun, don’t it?

 Drury has a new band on the side called Depressing where he plays guitar and sings. The music is fitting for the name. It’s got a sort of a down-and-dirty grunge metal vibe to it. It’s not at all sexy. Unless you’re into trench whores. All though a chipper young fellow in the flesh his lyrical approach is quite dismal. “I basically just write about whatever has been on my mind the most at that period of time.” Metal does tend to take people to bleak places but Drury explains, “I'm pretty sure that my lyrics would always be in the same vein regardless of the style of music.” And still, I can’t get him to admit that he is a nice guy. “Maybe you just happened to catch me at the right time,” Drury seems to sneer.

 Rounding out the Depressing line-up is Ryan on drums and Chuzzz on bass. They have a real DIY ethic to them so you won’t be seeing them around the Internet anytime soon. You can purchase their new record, Life Just Gets Worse, at one of their few and far between shows. Their Rickshaw show will be their first show in almost a year.

 So make sure to show up, witness the spectacle and judge for yourself just where nice guys finish. Depressing play the Rickshaw on May 26 with Barn Burner, Hopeleus, and Astrakhan.