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Electric Owl - January 16, 2013

The Spits - photo by tiina liimu
The Spits

Three hooded miscreants and one clown provide a soundtrack to one of the most irreverent garage punk evenings and raucous pits in awhile.

Complete with a stage diver who consistently launched himself off every platform available. The first dive was clear into the only hole in the crowd. Hopefully that polished concrete tasted good.
Or maybe it was the ska set by the DJ that felt like an epic wait for The Spits to start. Who knows? But he kept going for it. When the band finally hit the stage and it wasn't long till this mob spun itself into a frenzied cloud of bodies for the remainder of the evening. In the eye of the storm? Hang on to your neighbour, for gawd sakes pick them up.

The Spits ripped through the First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth albums going back to 2002. Songs like “ Live In AVan”, “Shitty World”, “Rat Face”, “Witch Hunt”, “Sk8”, “Let Us Play Your Party”, “My Mess” and probably twentyish or more and whatever else they pulled off for an encore. Was there an encore? I don't know, folks just wanted more songs. If you could make it through the pit the entire night you were probably really drunk or just didn't feel quite right the next day.

Can't leave without a nod to The Tubuloids, a brand new band that opened up the night. What is this now, their third live gig? Maybe? Close to it, and they have their own surf flavoured thing going on. As for the rest of the night I can bet all the folks from Vans are are probably pretty stoked with the capacity crowd and the art looked great up on the walls. It'd be cool to see way more of that out there on local shows too!

- More Betty