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CAR 87

CAR 87 - Trapped

Trapped - Independent

Once you slap that blood red disc onto your turntable be prepared to experience four ZERO tolerance numbers. Spared back punk which exorcise the anguished demons of self loathing and addiction. And it's real.

From the escalating growl of “Cockrock” to the flipside with “Shoot up and Die” driving home the magnitude and urgency of the situation. Provoking music and vocals that push their way straight to the front. No trophies or rockstars, nobody is spared. Four songs, four members, equal weight. Right on target.

This is one of these records that's a complete package solidly conceived and put together start to finish.

From the moment you pull that vinyl out from the sleeve and unfold the long narrow black and white photo of the old Balmoral Hotel. Look a little closer, what are all those ambulances and police units doing up front. Look way up top of the grand old Hotel Balmoral sign in the heart of the DTES. It's a jumper and he's not messing around.

- More Betty