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The Repossessors - photo by tiina liimu

finding free therapy

The Repossessors are one of those bands that seem determined to lay waste to the aggressive rock landscape or die trying. Together for only a year and a half, guitarist/vocalist C.J. Brabant and drummer Kyle Valade have a raw and ready delivery that’ll strip the weak hairs from your head and leave you feeling like you’ve just spent a month straight sitting in the blistering sun. Fuelled by coffee, beer, anger and determination, this garage punk rock duo is catching a steady buzz that soon will be hard to miss.

Their sound is fly off the handle loose, like a runaway race car held together with duct tape and twine and it is said that when they play they put 130 per cent into it, rarely taking time to rest on their laurels.  

“This kind of music is about questioning things, looking inside, and pushing it to the limit. That’s what activists do and that’s what thinkers do, they push something they believe in and it doesn’t matter whether they’re successful or not. That’s not the point. You might die tomorrow so don’t waste time. Don’t sleep, don’t take a nap, just keep going. Move!” Says Brabant, and with his careful and studied yet intense delivery of both word and lyric it is clear that this ideal is likely a way of life for him.

Their upcoming release, All Fixed Up, is crazy like a rabid goat. With high end guitar that thrashes madly and drumming that’ll crinkle your tie, you’d think these cats have been at it several years longer than the short time that they have. But such is the magic that happens when the right forces come together. 

Recorded in just 12 hours under the influence of a lot of booze and smokes, then later mastered by sound engineer extraordinaire Jesse Gander, All Fixed Up explores themes surrounding failed relationships and getting over them, being broke, fear of going insane and the eventual rising above it all. “The title of the album kind of represents where I’m at now, and where I’d like to be.” Brabant shares. “We just pushed so hard during the recording process. 12 hours straight! I felt pretty dizzy after the whole thing was over but what we produced felt cathartic. And Jesse worked magic on the recording. We were really lucky to have worked with him.”  

With simple and down-to-earth rock tactics and a seriously forward moving drive, the Repossessors have something immediate and awesome that is damned near impossible to deny.

All Fixed Up vinyl will be available by mid-January through fine local independent record stores. Catch them live February 1 at Pat’s Pub with guests for their record release!

- Nathan Pike